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Thursday, March 26

I'm trying something new #2.

"I'm scared of trying."
"I'm not."
"I know."

No you don't.


Sometimes, I try not to punctuate my sentences.
"Am I normal yet?
Am I normal yet?"


"Did you see that man?"
"What man?"
"The one who flew by the window."

He told me you don't love me anymore.


I woke up crying.
And angry.
And then I realized it was only a dream.

So I laughed as I jumped out the window,
flapping my wings like a bird.


The lightbulb flickered
As I twisted it in my hand.

Just as I pulled it away from the lamp
There was darkness.

I think I saw you in the shadows.


"I didn't mean for it to be this way."
"I like it this way."
"I didn't mean for you to be this way, either."

I guess I don't like it this way very much anymore.


My head throbs
Right above my eyelids
And I wonder if there's a man in there
Telling me that I'm unhappy
In his own little way.


I changed from velcro to shoelaces
Now I never have to face the strange looks
When I ask: "Can you velcro these for me?"

Because if it doesn't involve bunny ears, you can do it your fucking self.


I'm going to sleep now.
I think.
Good work, team.

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