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Thursday, March 26

I'm trying out something new.

"How come you do not tell me things."
"Because I do not like to tell you things."

I just wish you would tell me things.


I am good at many things:
1. Self doubt
2. Eating citrus fruit
3. Making lists that go up to three


When we laid on the road and counted the stars
I was dreaming of a place where the sun didn't rise.


In the morning, I looked out the window
The birds were singing and I thought of you


Tonight, I will fall asleep alone
My heart saddened by the silence of my own mind.

But I will wake up happy
Anticipating your arrival.


Under my fingers, he feels like a dream
Coconuts and cocoa beans
And ill-thought laundry plans.


"How is it working for you?"
"It is working for me.

For now."

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