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Thursday, December 31

Mom says I should put on jewelry before we go out. I think she should be grateful I got dressed at all.

I'm just so, so happy to be with family today. Dad flew in a couple of hours ago to Long Beach; Mom went to pick him up, looking happier than she's looked the entire time I've been home so far. I baked the greatest vegan chocolate cupcakes I have ever baked in my life, as well as eggless almond biscotti, which, despite taking two hours longer to cook than I anticipated, turned out quite well. If both don't get eaten before I get the opportunity, perhaps I will post pictures and recipes for both tomorrow.

And I'm painting again. Haven't done that in two weeks. Glad to be back.

(Went to San Francisco for a few days. Will post pictures of irrelevant little details that only I enjoy tomorrow)

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SabinePsynopsis said...

Exactly! (to your title that is)... Sabine x