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Saturday, January 9

After college, I'm never doing this again. I promise, Mom. I promise.

No matter how short my stay, no matter how sad I feel, I try my hardest not to cry. But tonight, after my grandma hugged me and pinched my cheeks (as grandmas are known to do), I cried. I sat on the couch and cried. It hit me swiftly and overtook me quite easily. In loud, pathetic, gasping breaths, I cried. I thought about the cold, lonely house that awaited me, and I cried. I thought about the impossible hours of work and projects and I cried. I thought about the lack of noise, of fart jokes, of hugs and immature tickling, and I cried. And all of a sudden, there were so many concerned voices (I couldn't muster the courage to look at their faces), so many caring hands, so many bodies fighting to hug me, to make sure I was okay. Because they love me. Despite my moodiness, my stupidity, my disdain -- despite all of my plentiful flaws, they love me.

And looking up at all of the loving smiles, basking in the warmth of a dozen beautiful hugs, taking in all of the family that lives so close under one solid roof, I couldn't imagine why I had ever wanted to leave.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me cry, Satpreet. You're beautiful. (Katherine)