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Monday, March 15

I got that dress at the best garage sale I have ever been to.

I came home for Spring Break this year for the first time. I should be at school right now; but my flight leaves tomorrow. Don't worry. I told my professors.

My sisters and I went to Mojave Narrows Regional Park yesterday, which is a 3 minute drive from our house. There was a $10 entrance fee; but when the lady saw the disappointed looks on our faces, she let us go in for free. It was fantastic. 

We took a lot of serious pictures; and then I set up my tripod and pulled out my remote so that we could get some fun shots of the three of us. This is my favorite. You see that blue blob on the very bottom of the picture? That's my older sister, doubled over with laughter.

Once again, Blogger really doesn't do justice to this picture; but I'm still not allowed to go on Flickr, so this will have to do. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.

I'm bummed to leave tomorrow.

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