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Sunday, March 21

I could see the trees. They were tall and strong and green.

Sometimes, I begin to dream without fully having fallen asleep.

Yesterday, I was leaning my head against James's shoulder in his basement, and I closed my eyes. They had maybe been closed for about 30 seconds when I mumbled, "I'm going to sell the company. Are you mad at me?" Without being fully asleep, I had dreamt that I had somehow inherited one of four companies where he worked (this is all my imagination; James does not actually work at four companies). It was the company that dealt with tree logging; and for money, I was going to sell it. I remember I was very concerned that he was going to be mad at me, so I asked him. And it was only as the words came tumbling out of my mouth in a sleepy mess that I fully woke up.

It was the strangest feeling.

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