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Tuesday, June 7

"Nahin samne, ye alag baat hai."

She looks at me from across the couch, nothing but concern and love in her eyes. I smile at her in return.
"I'm fine. Really."
She does not believe me, and I tilt my head.
"Mom." I raise my eyebrows.
Not one to be outdone, she raises her eyebrows right back at me.
"Mom. I know. But seriously. I'm fine."
"Come here." She makes a noise as she purses her lips together, beckoning me to her.
I turn my body on the couch so that my head rests in her lap, her hands on my head, one brushing back my hair, the other on my forehead, pressing gently.
I look up at her. She looks down at me.
"What is life? Really? It's just... struggle."
I smile again. Halfway.
"Mom. It's this."
I motion to her. To me. On this couch.
"It's this."
She nods her head slowly.

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