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Tuesday, June 7

One question: Why are you always wearing the white v-neck that I bought you?

I see peace growing from between my fingertips
Blooming in the spaces between my sadness.

And then I remember you,
Closing my eyes,
I look at the space between my finger and my nail
And I remember you.

I look through old pictures,
And feel so tender, so soft
When I see your smiling face,
Your dopey smile,
The way you learned to look straight through the camera
And at me.

I think about seeing you,
Two days ago,
And how you looked different,
Felt different,
The air around you colder,

When I look at these pictures,
And look at your face through the
panes of glass that line my mind,
Seeing you as you were two days ago--
I think that I am seeing two different people

And it settles on my bones,
In my hair,
On my tongue:
You are gone.

And there is a stranger in your body.

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