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Thursday, July 21

But first, I'm kind of hungry. Pizza, anyone?

Behold darling friends, the mandatory all-night-Satpreet-packing-party. Anytime I am about to get on a plane, which seems very often lately, it happens. And how does it happen, you ask? Well, the existence of these pictures and this blog entry are a prime example of exactly why it happens. Procrastination, denial, the vehement delaying of the inevitable. It's ridiculous. But it's a lifestyle I have adhered to and become somewhat accustomed to. So here it is: presented to you in all it's messy, dark and lackadaisical glory.

It doesn't help that I am packing up my belongings after being at my parent's house for, what feels like, three hours. But, that is neither here nor there. I am going. Inevitably, the sun will rise, and in 24 hours, I will be in North Carolina. Well, I will be spending the night in a North Carolina airport before taking a $250 taxi (I don't want to talk about it) to the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains. That, I must admit, has got me a little bit worried. You know, the whole spending from 9:30pm - 10:00am in an airport I have never set foot in before. But it will be an adventure! I have packed snacks, books, Cocoa, a pillow, and my journals. Well, I haven't packed them yet. But I will.

Which reminds me. I should get back to packing.


Katie said...

I always say "adventure" now when a new thing is on the horizon. "Adventure" is so much better than "fear". It's pregnant with possibilities. (And of couse I'm dying to know about the taxi ride.) This will be a summer you'll always remember-in a very good way:)

Anonymous said...

You are so fearless. I admire you a toooon Satpreet!

Have fun and come visit on your roadtrip to everywhere! Jackie