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Monday, July 18

Well, hello freedom.

Wait. What's that? We can go on a road trip, and we can go right now? A spontaneous and middle of the night kind of road trip with good music blasting and a ton of snacks?


GLJ said...

Many a time have I left the house on a Saturday morning to get a cup of coffee at the stand on the corner, and ended up driving half-way across the state. Or to Canada. In my PJs. Just to eat breakfast in a place I've never been. Aaahhh, life is sweet.

S. Kahlon said...

See? That sounds fun. Little reminders that the world is big, so much bigger than us, and that there is so much that we don't know. And that we are free to explore it.

Thanks for the affirmaton GLJ, whoever you are.

Beth Berens said...

I love it. I love this post.

For what I'm about to say, I feel stupid feeling this way, but I cant help it. I brought it up to Kim and I was somehow glad to see she felt the same way. Okay, so Kim and I were watching an interview with Emma Watson and the host asked her if she ever looked at her friends and imagined herself having their normal lives. Her response was that live would probably be more boring.

I think her comment came out wrong, but what can she do about it now? But regardless of whether she feels remorse for her simple comment, it actually hurt to hear her say that. I found that I wanted to prove to Emma that normal life isn't boring. That MY life isn't boring. I hope her friends don't watch that interview...

The opportunities in our lives, like Penland, like Chili and all these other places you could go and things you could do, and for me, things like my trip to Connecticut, a day in downtown Baltimore, dancing like crazy at my cousin's wedding, and my prospects for my future career, (plus all the Harry Potter things like book releases and Wizarding World!) has made our lives fantastic! And we both have the potential to make them even more fantastic. You're right, we have 60 more years to live fantastic lives and experience so much. And I'm so excited for it all!

Have fun Satpreet! Live life to the fullest! I can't wait to hear about Penland and everything after. It makes me sad that I won't be with you during these amazing things in your life. I love those pictures that you posted. I just want to pich your cheeks. And then pinch your nose and say "GOT YOUR CONK!" ;P

S. Kahlon said...

Thanks, Beth. Your comments always make me want to cry. But I'm kind of a sobby freak these days, so that might account for it.

What she said saddens me for slightly different reasons than it saddens you, I think. To me, it's just so... presumptuous. What my life is like, the moments that I remember and that I look back on fondly have nothing to do with how much money I have or whether I got interviewed by Time Magazine that day. Sure, those things would be exciting -- but doing those things day after day without taking any risks, any chances, without making any of my own decisions would be just as boring as going to a boring job, taking part in boring activities that I don't really care for and watching TV for hours on end. The only difference between these two scenarios is that the first is more publicly boring, and it has an aura of glamor and excitement.

At the end of the day, the beauty of life comes from our freedom to do that which we are most passionate about, to love the people who excite us and care for us the most, to learn and grow everyday, even if it means discovering something uncomfortable or scary. And everyone is capable of doing these things, celebrity or white collar worker. And everyone is capable of ignoring these things and living life numbly, no matter how famous or invisible they are.

(I'm so excited for Penland and potentially for Chile!)

Beth Berens said...

I don't know how Emma Watson's life is, but I will say, that, when indicating that her life is more interesting that a 'normal' person's life, I don't think she's referring to being interviewed or the amount of money she makes. Or if she is, I think those are on the outskirts of her reasoning. I don't even think she's referring to her fame, specifically, but the opportunities that fame and acting have brought her. I could be wrong, though.

I do truly admire Emma for precisely the reason that she does take risks, that she puts so much effort in the things she's working on, and the amount of projects she takes on. I wouldn't at all say she doesn't make her own decisions. Just one example is that she went to college with pressure from an entire movie production company not to.

Yes, you're right, she's being presumptuous of our lives, but I don't want you to be presumptuous about her life either. Her life is interesting to her because of all the reasons you gave that make life interesting. She’s doing so many things she’s passionate about, she’s around so many amazing people that she cares for, she grows all the time from all the new and unique experiences, much of which are probably scary.

We ARE all capable of doing these things. That is something we all have in common.

S. Kahlon said...

Oh yeah. I was not, in any way, referring to Emma Watson in particular. As much as I feel like I know her after listening to a year of you and Kim talk about her so much, obviously I don't.

I'm just trying to illustrate that everyone's life can be full of excitement or dullness, no matter what their career choice, I guess.

Which is a pretty obvious point. That I spent a long time articulating. And apparently didn't even articulate that well.


Beth Berens said...

I know, I probably spent way too long writing my last comment too! x)

Anyway - fascinating lives, her we come!