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Monday, September 26

All of the above.

Look, Satpreet. Make up your freakin' mind. Which do you want?

a) Nikon d7000
b) New killer tripod, some lighting equipment, an SB-600 to replace the one that got stolen/you lost in LA
c) A 4x5 view camera with a new killer tripod and a ton of film
d) A new battery for your laptop (way overdue), a great awesome new hiking backpack, and saving the rest for other random camping stuff you're going to need that you can't think of right now
or e) None of the above because you're broke and touring the country for the next month, remember?

I wish someone would give me a photography/road trip grant, and then I wouldn't have this problem. THEN I COULD BUY EVERYTHING AND BE HAPPY FOREVER. Except I'm pretty sure that's not how happiness works. But maybe that's just what the rich people tell you so you don't steal their money.

1 comment:

Kim Berens said...

Wait wait wait wait - did I know about this tour????

Oh, and my vote is the view camera - your photos were some of the most subtly dramatic expressive kick-butt pictures I've ever seen.