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Sunday, October 2

Here we go.

Well, friends. It is officially road trip season. Actually, I think fall/winter is the end of road trip season for most productive citizens who actually contribute to society, but since I am definitely not one of those people, for me, it is officially the start of road trip season!

Last Tuesday, Rachel flew out to LAX, which was only about a week after she got back from Israel (because she's a world traveler, that one). And yesterday, after a lot of moving and not as much planning as we needed, we finally started our trip.

This map is our rough plan for the month (except we didn't put in the Grand Tetons, which we have now decided to see):

I don't really know how often I will have internet. Today, we are in San Diego, and tomorrow we will be in Phoenix, but after that, we start our "wilderness retreat," which will last a couple of weeks. In that time, we plan on going to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, the Grand Tetons, Salt Lake City, and Moab. 

Well, I will try to update this blog while we are on the road, but honestly, it probably won't happen very much. If anyone has any suggestions about what we should see/do while we are gone, let us know. Our goal is to get to LA by Halloween to go to Boo-Over, but other than that, we are pretty open to exploration.

Off to Phoenix! 

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