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Saturday, June 30

I want you here.

I've been wandering aimlessly around this mountain all day today, feeling kind of out of sorts. It's strange to be stuck in a place that is full of people who are coming and going. Although I guess "stuck" isn't the right word. But to be standing still, at least for now.

I'm still hung up on everyone I met two weeks ago. See them in the faces of the people who come into lunch and dinner now, think about them when walking past a studio or before going to bed.

And they're everywhere, those people. They exist in so many places around the country, living their lives, done with the two-week break that Penland represents to them. But to me, they exist only here. In this place. In the two weeks that they were here.

And I almost expect to see them again. In town, on my walk home, wherever. Because this is surely where they would be. Where else could they possibly be?

1 comment:

Kim Berens said...

Two weeks is such a short time! I hope you see them again!