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Saturday, June 23

Oh my god, this is real.

Wait, wait
What's that?
You're a model?
And your body looks like it was chiseled out of freakin' marble?
And you're an artist?
And you love the outdoors?
And you are free-spirited, but have a good relationship with your mother?
And you're sensitive and respectful of women and
You love giving back massages?
And, what's that? I have poison ivy covering half my face and you just called me "gorgeous"?

You love the Grateful Dead?

No one's perfect.

Shh. Shh. Stop talking.
Let me just admire your near perfect genetics while we still have time.

1 comment:

S. Kahlon said...

My friends say I need to let go of my hang up with the Grateful Dead.

Especially since I downloaded the Now! That' What I Call Music Vol. 40 album (Deluxe Edition, guys) yesterday.

And, you know, I think they might be onto something.