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Tuesday, October 23

Crazy, crazy summer.

Okay, I'll be real: I miss my Penland people like crazy. I miss that community, that network, that atmosphere of always creating, always being so earnestly alive, of living in the mountains so far away from the real world, in a place where it was okay for grown ups to do so many crazy and wonderful things, such as: a) constructing their own 50 foot slip-and-slides going down a knoll, b) building a 10 foot long see saw on the wood porch, c) having themed bi-monthly dance parties, d) cancelling all plans to pack into cars and go to rivers and ponds and gorges because, let's be real, it's just too fuckin' hot to do anything else right now, e) sneaking into the walk-in to get ice cream sandwiches at 2 in the morning, f) playing croquet or badminton or soccer or volleyball or ping pong or that one German game that Ross taught us and we played at the Rosslympics during Session 2, remember, guys?, g) lying in the middle of the road in a long line at 3 in the morning to look at the meteor shower, and h) just having a good ol' time all the time in general.

I've never met so many ambitious and serious and amazingly talented people who were always as ready to pull an all-nighter in the studio as they were to kick back, have a BBQ, get a little drunk, and dance. 

God. You beautiful, beautiful people. I sincerely love each and every one of you. And I miss nacho bar day and Vietnamese sandwich day so badly, I cannot explain. I still can't believe I was able to spend four months with all of you in such an enchanted place. And I'm writing this as if you will read it, which I know you won't, but that's okay. Because these words are all true and these memories are all real, and oh my god, wasn't it amazing?

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