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Thursday, November 29

A little bit of hope, a little bit of awe.

"For us, approving of each other's book shelves was a big step. We shared: I lent her The English Patient and If On a Winter's Night a Traveller, she gave me The Satanic Verses and Of Love and Other Demons. Maybe it was, in part, through each other's favourite books that we fell in love. I loved the way Nikaela read her books. She reads physically—creasing the spines, folding corners, underlining. In between the pages are ticket stubs and leaves and the odd smear of strawberry jam.

"Nikaela keeps my head in the clouds; I keep her feet on the ground (although we're not as tall as that makes us sound). We like cooking and dreaming and reading and eating breakfast in the sun. In short, we're a match."

-Thom, discussing how him and Nikaela fell in love on Amanda Jane's blog. So beautiful.

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