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Friday, February 22

Do better, Satpreet.

Work harder.
Work harder.
Work harder.

Get up earlier.
Stay focused.
Run more.
Be more diligent
about recording your
business expenses.
Go to bed earlier.
Make more time for art.
Journal regularly.
Apply for things you
should be applying for.
Design your planners.
Stretch everyday.
Get your website done.
Organize your pictures.
Redo your poor
excuse for a business
plan and follow through
with it, would you?

Be kinder.
Be kinder.
Be kinder.

Stop being self-destructive.
If you're going to be
self-destructive, don't
do it at the expense
of others. Keep that shit
contained to your head
and your life, because
it's just not fair otherwise.
But seriously just stop
being self-destructive.
Don't pick useless fights
because you don't think
you deserve good things.
You are not the stormy
cloud to his eternally
sunny day. No one is that
simple or one-dimensional.
Believing that to be true
is doing a disservice to you
and to him as individual
human beings with complex
and very real emotions.
Everyone is bad sometimes.
Everyone is good sometimes.
Everyone is human.
Forgive your friends for
being distracted and selfish
sometimes. If they gave up
on you every time you were
either of these things, you would
have no friends to speak of.
Love people, not because
you perceive them to be
perfect, but because you
see and accept them for all of
their flaws and shortcomings.
Forgive yourself as often
as you forgive others.
Ask about a stranger's day.
Tell the people you love
you love them. In person,
through text, in a letter,
even on their facebook wall
or in your head before you
fall asleep at night.
Just do it. The world,
and your place in it,
will be better because
of it.

Don't regret or resist
loving someone, even
if it ends badly, even
if it scares the shit out
of you. The world has
too much of a lot of things;
love is not one of them.

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