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Tuesday, February 26

Well on my way.

My decision to wake up at 7:30am this morning, despite the fact that I did not have to go into work today, has transformed my day from great to amazing.

I already:

  • Spent half an hour lounging in bed
  • Went for a run
  • Did a decent amount of stretching
  • Returned my photo equipment
  • Meandered around downtown
  • Found some amazing old paper
  • Explored the mountain streets a little bit
  • Discovered and went to the Swap Meet
  • Bought a purse and an old camera
  • Made an awesome lunch
  • Talked to my sisters
  • Responded to a bunch of business emails

And it's not even 4pm yet! Usually, I would start working on freelance work right now, or continue working on my website or develop my business plan further, etc, etc, but I've decided I'm giving myself today (at least until around 7pm) off. So instead, I am cleaning and organizing my studio, getting it closer to true working condition, listening to music, and just generally having a good day.

If I asked myself the question that I ask so many of my students when they are having a particularly overwhelming day, "How are you feeling right now, overall, on a scale of 0-10, zero being absolutely miserable, wanting to disappear, and ten being over the moon ecstatic and awesome?" The answer would most definitively be, "Between an 8.7 and 9.2."

Which, if you didn't know, is pretty damn rockin'.


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