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Thursday, October 11

La Familia.

Otherwise, it's hitting me harder how much I miss my family. It's my mom. My grandpa. My little brother and sister. Di. My dad. Bickering and tickling and chasing and playing and talking and gossiping and plain out fighting. I never understood the value of smacking Di in the arm, or yelling at her for not picking up her clothes, or demanding that she put on different shoes with that outfit if she ever wanted to be taken seriously, just to relieve tension. Just to take out my frustration with the world. Because maybe it wasn't fair to her. But she would do it to me. And neither of us would remember within the next ten minutes. Sometimes you just need to argue with someone. Sometimes you just need to yell. Especially if the person understands you better than anyone else on the planet. Especially if the person knows. And forgives. And is always willing to give you a hug afterwards.

California and Michigan are really far.
Who would've known that it would have ever mattered to me?

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