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Sunday, August 30

I am as stubborn as you are, Michigan weather.

Am currently bundled up in big blue blanket and wearing socks. Is Autumn here already? If so, I refuse to give in entirely, and will stubbornly wear my blue shorts around the house and, if my laziness can be fought, while grocery shopping. I'm hoping that next weekend will be warmer, as I got a new bathing suit in California and have yet to show it off in Michigan.

Regardless of the weather (or perhaps because of it) I have finished a couple of pairs of earrings (although I actually made three pairs of the yellow ones) and more combs. Will work on more today and hopefully get my Etsy site up and running by Wednesday. I'm thinking about selling them for $8 a piece.

And I still need a name for the shop. Have thought of everything from Naked Kings & Queens to Tea Party Inc., but nothing is truly satisfying. If you have any suggestions, faithful and perhaps nonexistent reader, do share.

Have more to show, but as post is getting rather hefty, I will just cuddle into my blanket, make a few more and update later. Okay, okay. And watch more Lost. Is it just me, or is Sawyer kind of sexy? And by kind of, I mean completely.


Underneath the trees said...

satpreet- i'm a creeper and read your blog....this is Megan O'Neil, by the way. haha

now that that is out of the way....i would really really REALLY love to buy some of your combs and ear-rings.

let me know if that would be okay...?


S. Kahlon said...

I already replied on facebook; but I am following your blog now, if that's okay. :)

Underneath the trees said...

of course! :)

Katarina Kühl ~ PencilFashion said...

beautiful earrings!

i already have a couple of coloured drawings on my blog.
sometimes i also like to put just a few blurs of colour into my drawings to make them more dynamic :)