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Tuesday, May 31

Yes, I would. I would.

With a long distance relationship, you pour and pour and pour yourself into it. And then, when you live close to that person, the relationship starts to pour back into you. But if that time together gets cut short, or if it is only a small amount of time compared to how long you are going to have to be apart, and you have to get ready to pour back into that relationship again before you are ready to do so, it gets exhausting. It looks exhausting and hopeless. 

But what if you could be close again, and then that relationship, that friendship and that freedom of being completely yourself with another person, could be pouring back into you for however long you need it to?

Because it is important to remember that that relationship is not a strain -- the distance is. And those are two things that we have to differentiate. If you could have that relationship without the distance, if that relationship could pour back into you everything that you poured into it, would you do it?

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