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Monday, June 13

There was a puppy there, too.

There is dirt under my fingernails right now. Do you know why? If you answered, "Because you are just generally kind of dirty, Satpreet," well then, you are partly right. But another reason that I have dirt under my fingernails is because I went to a farm today! I planted seeds! I dug up weeds! I took pictures of strawberries and broccoli and lots of other plants! I even ate fennel from a hiking trail. Well, first I ate something that was supposed to be fennel but wasn't. At all. But then I ate fennel! 

It was fun, in case you were wondering. It was real fun.


Beth Berens said...

No way, Kim made a fennel dish last night! What are the chances we all eat FENNEL at the same time?

That does sound like fun! Who's farm was it?

S. Kahlon said...

The farm is technically owned by a church, but it is run by a girl named Emmiko (coolest name ever). All of the food goes to low income families in the area. It's really awesome.

S. Kahlon said...

And that is crazy about the fennel. I feel like a pro now, because I was walking to the beach yesterday, sniffed the air and said, "It smells like fennel." And sure enough, there was fennel on the side of the trail.

I could be on one of those Discovery Channel survivor shows. ...As long as the only task was to identify fennel and to take cool pictures.

Kim Berens said...

If those were the only tasks, no one else would have a chance.

Cut up however the heck you feel like cutting it up. Pour vermouth (a type of alcohol) over it, and bake for 30-45 minutes. DELICIOUS!