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Wednesday, May 3

Dark blue.

This is unfinished and a first draft. Cut me some slack.

It was as if, from the moment of our introduction, when sweaty palms collided to create a mass of awkward conversation, we were destined. It was as if, from the very first time our eyes were drawn to one another from across a crowded room, starting a long chain of impossibly long staring contests, we were bound together.

How could we have known? How could we have possibly predicted that something as innocent as "Hi. May I have one of your Red Sour Patch Kids, please?" would lead to our first conversation, which would start off with nervous glances, uncharacterisic giggling, and end with an intense game of thumb war and a shared annoyance with every drunken body that surrounded us.

How could we have seen this coming? How could we have possibly guessed that driving to 7/11 and emptying our lint filled pockets to buy a Mt. Dew slurpie, which we would later share while waiting for 11:11 and listening to Yes on your car radio, would bring us here.

How could I have known, that what was wishful thinking then, as the gods of 11:11 must have found out when they recieved my frantically whispered wish stating "Let this be what I've been waiting for," would become so real to me?

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