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Wednesday, June 23

990th post. Let's make it a good one.

Illustration of my good, fabulous, and far away friend, Lindsey Rank. Currently in NYC being a fashion intern for... for... err... I've forgotten. But someone fantastic, I am certain of that. And the picture that this was inspired by was taken by my other darling friend, Katherine DeVoursney, who is not so far away at all! One outta two ain't bad, huh? The original (beautiful) picture is here. Okay. Done with work early. Headed to Toy Story 3! Wahoo!


Anonymous said...

this is amazing! and so soothing


Becca. said...

beautiful illustration! adore your blog layout too!

S. Kahlon said...

Thanks! I was actually just thinking about changing my layout. Perhaps I will reconsider...