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Thursday, July 1

And not "nerd" in a cool way, either.

I generally eat really healthy (read: tasteless) cereals; but since my little sister came to visit me from California last week, I have had some Frosted Flakes leftover in the pantry. Today, I was feeling sad, so I poured myself a bowl. As soon as I took a bite, I thought, "Holy crap! Regular people cereal is like dessert!" And, being the interweb nerd (or overall nerd, let's be honest) that I am, I instantly opened my laptop and started typing in "Holy crap, cereal!" Well, it really is a wonderful world, because a suggestion popped up with those exact words on google. Turns out, there's actually a really healthy cereal created by a flight attendant (does it make me mean if I tell you that I automatically doubted her food knowledge when I read that? And that I assumed it was a girl?), called "Holy Crap."

And... the internet is awesome.
Humanity, on the other hand... Maybe not.

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